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DigiMax Lite Platinum Edition 4 layer PCB channel expansion KIT
DigiMax Lite Platinum Edition 4 layer PCB channel expansion KIT
*NEW* - DigiMax Number Monitor
*NEW* - DigiMax Number Monitor
MB719 to MC145106 PLL Adapter Board (DMA-719)
MB719 to MC145106 PLL Adapter Board (DMA-719)
DigiMax Lite - Replacement Parts
DigiMax Lite - Replacement Parts
BLUE 3 Digit 7 Segment LED upgrade for DigiMax Lite
BLUE 3 Digit 7 Segment LED upgrade for DigiMax Lite
10 x DigiMax Lite - 20% Discount Reseller Pack
10 x DigiMax Lite - 20% Discount Reseller Pack
5 x DigiMax Lite - 10% Discount Reseller Pack
5 x DigiMax Lite - 10% Discount Reseller Pack
3 x DigiMax Lite - 5% Discount Reseller Pack
3 x DigiMax Lite - 5% Discount Reseller Pack
DigiMax Lite V2.6 Channel Expansion Kit
DigiMax Lite V2.6 Channel Expansion Kit
DigiMax Lite V2.6 Microcontroller Upgrade
DigiMax Lite V2.6 Microcontroller Upgrade
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DigiMax Lite Platinum Edition 4 layer PCB channel expansion KIT

Please click image to enlarge in new window.



I have recently had numerous reports from customers in US and other countries that the delivery of the item took as long as 8 weeks due to current pandemic flight limitations and delays in customs, so I thank you in advance for your patience in these difficult times. Please contact me before opening a case. 


All Prices are in AUD not USD. PayPal will apply current exchange rate during payment.

This price is for DigiMax Lite V2.6 Platinum Edition KIT
It is exactly same as the standard kit functionality but it has a 4 layer PCB (tracks are hidden between 2 ground layers on top and bottom).
4 Layer PCB: The tracks are protected by Top and Bottom GND planes, this minimizes any RF getting in/out of DigiMax Lite and CB radio circuitry.


Circuit Domain now offers:

1. PLL adapter board (MB8719 to MC145106 PLL) to replace 8719/8734 PLL chips to offer up to 511 channels. This adapter board only works on MB8719, MB8734 and RCI8719 radios. It is an additional $50. To convert from 128 channels to full 511 channel range (quadruple the possible range) just select this option from the "PLL adapter" section.

NOTE: Actual range of your radio depends on radio model and broad banding performed.


Don't miss out !!!!

This price is for "All binary and BCD PLL V2.6" KIT

New features in V2.6 DigiMax Lite:
1. Full support for 5kc/10kc stepping on all PLL chips that support it (NOTE: PLL02a is not supported). PLL chips that are supported are: uPD858, MC145106, MC145109, SM5104 etc. Upgrade is compatible with DigiMax Lite main PCB V2.7 and higher.
2. Split TX/RX frequency You can transmit on one channel and receive on another. Channel gap is configurable through the menu. It gives you a semi-private conversation.
3. Auto Range detect on most radios the VCO drops out way before 512 channels are achieved. This function will automatically detect the actual usable range of the radio by monitoring LD pin on PLL and set the Maximum usable channel and Minimum usable channel.
4. Faster scan through frequencies.
5. Full support for up to 512 channels.


DigiMax Lite is the ULTIMATE in channel expansion for PLL02A, MB8719, uPD861, MC145106, SM5104 and uPD858 CB radios. FORGET the band select switch!! FORGET 10kc offset rubbish!!! What the hell!!! You shouldn't have to remember to switch to Band B go to channel 3 flick the 10kc offset switch and then calculate what channel you're actually on!!!!!! FORGET the so called 96, 120, 180 or 192 channel mods (they have holes in coverage, 5 missing channels per each band!!!!) On 180 channel mod this will add up to 25 missing channels!!!!!!!! This MOD gives you RAW 512 CHANNELS!!!!!!!!! (MB8719 uses 7bit so you can only get 128 channels, if you have MB8734 or RIC8719 then you need to swap it for MB8719) FORGET mods that are specific to particular radio model!!!!! This will cover all radio models with PLL02A, MB8719, uPD861, MC145106, SM5104CB and uPD858 PLL chips. If you sell your radio and get another one with one of those chips then you simply move the mod to it, NO NEED TO BUY ANOTHER RADIO SPECIFIC MOD!!!!!! FORGET complicated installation and programming, solder few wires and it's done!!!!!!! Few turns of channel selector will marry the radio and the MOD. DigiMax Lite gives you CONTINUOUS COVERAGE for all bands supported by your radio (NO BAND SWITCH and 10kc rubbish, NO HOLES IN YOUR RADIO for extra switches!!!). Displays minus for negative channels!!!! Displays auxiliary channels denoted by A!!!!!!
Full support for 5kc stepping on PLL chips that suport it (NOTE: PLL02a is not supported in 5kc stepping mode)
DigiMax Lite channel expansion mod is UNIVERSAL, designed to expand coverage of CB Radios for educational purposes. This project is designed to be easily installed and configured for a particular radio model without changing the way the radio looks. At first glance you can't tell that the radio has been modified. To program the mod to your radio requires only few turns of selector switch assembly. Once set, the configuration is saved and need not be performed again. The mod is designed to offer continuous coverage of channels from negative to positive including A channels. This mod replaces the radio's channel selector and display assemblies.

Main PCB: 6.7cm Long x 4.7cm Wide x 1.5cm High
LED Display PCB: 4.5cm Long x 2.9cm Wide (with snap off at 1.8cm from top of Display PCB) x 2cm mounting depth (from face of LED to back of IDC connector)

Even though this mod has been designed to fit 99% of different radio models out there in the market, there are some models that it will not fit. Radios that have frequency display mounted on same PCB as the 2 digit channel display will not accommodate DigiMax Lite( Galaxy DX 959, Cobra 200 DX, etc.)
Some radios are more fiddly than others (Cobra 2000, Washington etc.), please examine your radio to see how much work is involved before you buy it.
If you are unsure please send me an email and I will let you know if you can fit DigiMax Lite in your radio.

Due to the unique design of the display circuit it supports Cobra 2000 and Washington style radios where the channel display is mounted beside the channel selector.


1. 512 CHANNELS - V2.6x of DigiMax Lite supports 512 channels (MB8719 is 7bit so only 128 channels) the coverage depends on your radio model.
2. SUPPORT FOR BINARY/BCD PLL CHIPS - Works with binary and BCD PLL chips.
3. FULL SUPPORT FOR 5kc/10kc STEPPING - Full support for 5kc/10kc stepping on all PLL chips that support it (NOTE: PLL02a is not supported). PLL chips that are supported are: uPD858, MC145106, MC145109, SM5104 etc.
2. FLEXIBLE - Supports many radios with binary or BCD nCode (most popular PLL02A radios), MB8719, MC145106, uPD858 (non-ROM locked) etc.
3. ALL IN ONE SOLUTION - Works with AM and SSB radios.
4. INTELLIGENT - Automatically works out the 9-bit channel range (Minimum and Maximum channel) for your radio.
5. EASY INSTALLATION - Only solder few wires.
6. EASY CONFIGURATION - All you need is an nCode (decimal value) for channel 1 and couple of turns of the channel selector.
7. CONTINUOUS COVERAGE - From channel -199 through to channel 508 (the coverage depends on your radio model).
8. SCAN CHANNELS - Much like a scanner does, once activity on channel is detected the radio stops scanning.
9. HIDDEN CHANNEL DISPLAY - All Auxiliary channels are displayed as 3A, 7A, 11A, 15A and 19A.
10. QUICK JUMP TO YOUR CUSTOM CHANNEL - From any channel (negative or positive) just press the channel selector switch once and you're there in a flash.
11. SUPER FAST INSTALL - Replaces your current channel selector and display assemblies (only solder few wires to get extreme coverage).
12. COBRA 2000 AND WASHINGTON - Supports Washington and Cobra 2000 style radios with unique Display design. Simply snap display PCB in half (along perforated line) and you can mount LED display anywhere.
13. EASY FUTURE UPGRADES - Just replace the Firmware chip. Upgrades will be available from my Shop, no need to Purchase the whole circuit.

Full details of the project are on Circuit Domain website under DigiMax Lite.
If you already have the KIT but want to upgrade the firmware then Upgrade Micro-controller is available HERE.

1. This product is sold as a KIT with all parts and detailed instructions included (as a PDF file download).
2. If you wish to purchase assembled and tested unit please select "Assembly and Testing service" for additional cost.
3. Number of channels depend on your Radio Model.
4. Bulk pricing is available as well, please contact me.
5. Please add your radio model in the NOTES to the seller.


Item is sold as is.
Please include your Radio model and PLL in notes during checkout.
If you do not have basic soldering skills then this item is not for you, please do not bid.
The Assembly and Installation Manuals are provided in PDF format as a download link. The link to the file is emailed to you so you need to provide me with an email address to send it to.
If you have any questions please contact me.

Available Options:
Assembly and Testing Service:
DigiMax Lite Main PCB Version:
Display Colour:
Encoder shaft:
Instructions Download:
PLL adapter board:
PLL Type:
Radio Type:
This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 02 November, 2019.
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