Realistic HTX-100 Scanning MOD

A long time ago I bought a 10 meter Amateur radio. Great little thing, however after a while of using it I realized that it takes a lot of time to sit there looking for activity on frequencies. This prompted me to design a scanning mod for it. Basically the radio would behave like a scanner saving me loads of tedious knob turning. This way I could just sit back and let the radio find activity for me.

The circuit is as simple as it is clever. I have exploited the radio's design in order to achieve what I need. The trick is to ......... :).

This MOD allows HTX-100 amateur radio scan through frequencies looking for activity. When activity is found (ie. squelch is broken) the radio will stop scanning. Scanning UP or Down is supported. The circuit is powered by tapping in to radio's internal supply. The MOD is designed to preserve original functionality of the radio. It can be switched ON or operate in convencional STEP mode.

Circuit Board

The assembled and fully tested circuit with full installation instructions can be purchased from my online shop.

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